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For the purpose of this agreement Sterling Event Group Limited will be referred to as ‘The Company’. Subcontractors / freelance staff will be referred to as the ‘subcontractor’.   

1)    The subcontractor is required by law to file annual accounts with HMRC; therefore, it is the responsibility of the subcontractor to manage all taxation aspects of their business.

2)    The subcontractor shall maintain throughout the term of service and for six years thereafter adequate reasonable insurance cover with a reputable insurer. Suppliers must provide the company with a copy of all insurance documentation upon request. As a minimum these policies of insurance should be:

a. Public Liability Insurance of £5 Million

b. Employers Liability Insurance of £5 Million (where appropriate)

3)    The services to be provided for each Project are to be strictly in accordance with the verbal briefing or briefing document provided by the company, and such services are not to be changed or modified by the subcontractor by any reasons of quality, content, timing or sequencing, without the express agreement of the company.

4)    Briefing documents, designs, drawings, plans, media and each project itself are specific to the project and remain the property and copyright of the company. They must not be copied, in part or in whole, or issued to a third party without the written permission of the company.

5)    The subcontractor agrees to respect the confidentiality of the company’s business and clients. This includes private and corporate clients who wish to keep aspects of their event strictly confidential.

6)    With points 3, 4 & 5 in mind, information and photographs relating to any work undertaken by the company or its clients is not to be published or posted on any internet site and particularly on any social media sites without prior written permission.

7)    All suppliers and subcontractors engaged are to co-operate with each other during preparation and throughout the Event, and during dismantling and are to afford all reasonable opportunities to each other for carrying out their respective work and services, all to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted Event programme.

8)    If approached by a client of the company the subcontractor must direct the enquiry to the company’s office. The subcontractor also must not partake in any business, either directly or through a third party, with a client of the company without prior written consent of the Managing Director

9)    The subcontractor under no circumstances should discuss costs with clients or guests

10) When contracted by the company you represent the company and therefore you should conduct yourself in a professional manor. The subcontractor agrees to the following -

·      Alcohol is not to be consumed unless specifically authorised

·      The use of non-prescription drugs is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated

·      If taking a smoking break, you must smoke only in designated areas and away from the sight of guests or clients

·      If you are not issued with company uniform rigging attire is to be all blacks and show attire is to be smart trousers, shoes and black shirt

·      You should not wear any other company’s branded clothing unless specifically advised in writing on the briefing document

·      The subcontractor is responsible for all PPE that maybe required

·      Polite and respectful behaviour towards clients and other members of crew is expected at all times

11) On occasion the subcontractor will be required to drive a company vehicle or hire vehicle. To be permitted to drive you must be authorised by the company and undergo appropriate checks. To become authorised you must provide a copy of your current driving license and supply a DVLA check code upon request. The Company reserves the right to refuse access to a Company vehicle and/or hire vehicle at any time. In relation to using Company vehicles the subcontractor agrees to follow the regulations outlined in the company handbook in the section “Use of Company Vehicles”, copies of which are available on request.





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